DATUM: 2014-11-30 / TID: 13:15:10
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"Look at me, Joey." ♥

"The only reason that you don’t have answers is because you’ve been too scared to ask yourself the right questions. Look, I know how I feel, you know how I feel. But during this whole process, we’ve managed to miss the point, because the point is not how I feel. It’s how you feel. I can't keep on kissing you. All right? I've done it twice now, I can't be the one that's always initiating this. I can't be the one who's always giving you the answers. Look at me, Joey. Please. If you felt... Even one shred... Of what I feel for you, then we wouldn't be standing here having this conversation."
Postat av: Nathalie

Åh! Vilket avsnitt?

Svar: Det är från 3x19 Stolen kisses ;)
Micaela Sundberg

2014-11-30 @ 19:14:21
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